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June 10, 2020

Dear Reader and Listener

Changes are afoot.

After nearly two decades, I've sold the domain and site.

But it doesn't mean that I'm giving up writing about technology.

Or retiring for the matter. I continue to host and produce my paranormal radio show, The Paracast, and I'll continue to focus on other businesses.

Including the updated Mac Radio forum.

Now other than getting an occasional offer or two over the years, I've long considered giving up on For one thing, just telling support people my email address, with that domain, has been surprisingly difficult. After spelling it out, three simple words, over and over again, I often end up giving out my or Gmail addresses instead.

Going forward, I've moved the forum and nearly a decade of episodes of The Tech Night Owl LIVE to a new site -- There's a story about that too, since I first bought this domain in 2002 when I actually hosted a radio show at Mac Radio. The ".com" domain is out there, but the owner is doing nothing but hoping to sell it, and I'm not buying.

So I will continue the tech newsletter as "Gene Steinberg's Mac Radio Newsletter." Once emailed, issues will be posted in this forum. Shows will remain available for download from such sites as iTunes, Blubrry and Stitcher. Although I stopping making new episodes last year for the GCN network, there's always the possibility that I'll record a new episode from time to time.

I've lots to write about, such as the increasing rumors that Apple plans to move Macs to its own ARM design from Intel, that Apple is now a $1.5 trillion company. Well you get the picture.

In the meantime, I have always treasured your support. If you want to show your appreciation, fell free to send a donation to fund my ongoing work.

To send a donation, point your browser to:

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Gene Steinberg
Host/Editor/Curator, Mac Radio


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