My Upgrade Problems and Mac Disappointments!


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Okay, so I bought a MacBook (base model) about a year ago for college. It's my first Mac in several years...I'm usually a Windows guy. I have 3 Windows computers in my house and work on them where i'm employeed, but Mac lured me with all the usual promises of better performance and what-not.
The first problems I started experiencing had to do with Office 08 screwing up between the multiple Desktops when I ran Word 08 in Notebook display mode. The task bar would "bleed" over into another desktop and would force me to close Word to repair. No biggie, though I think that particular problem did cause the computer to crash three times since I had it.
Then I noticed that my Mac would not read .mp3 movie files?? or .mpeg movie files? What the frig? I tried downloading several applications that were recommended through Google but most of these were for .avi and did not allow me to play my mpeg moves on my Mac. As a result I'm not able to do a lot of evidence review while on my MacBook. Annoying!
THEN! I found out I'm missing some sort of MIME file (the exact type escapes me)! There are particular files on the Internet (NOT PORN!) that I cannot display without this MIME type plugin.

I guess my question is; is there a good resource online to find answers for these types of problems? Google's turning out to be less than helpful in finding solutions for my Mac.

Gene Steinberg

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If a site is telling you to download something, it may be malware. That's a known issue, and stay away.

You can use Flip4Mac to run many Windows-based audio and video files (do a Google to find a copy of the basic and free version).

As to the rest, if you have an Apple Store nearby, make an appointment with someone at their Genius Bar and they'll take care of you. Really. :)