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    Your Tech Night Owl Newsletter — Issue #974

    It's sad to learn the TechNite Owl podcast has ceased production. For almost ten years, I've been a fan of it. I admired the long, deep discussions you had with your guests that were never boring. Best of luck in your future endeavors.
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    Home Depot jumps Window's ship for Mac

    I just read this article and thought it was funny. I'm sure Target did the same. Home Depot blames Windows for record hack, rushes out to buy Macs and iPhones afterward
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    Is Gene's prediction coming true?

    Okay, 2 yrs. ago I posted this message agreeing that you might be right about Windows 8. Now this: Microsoft Can't Sell Windows 8, So It's Giving It Away LMAO!
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    Is Gene's prediction coming true?

    I know you mentioned it on your show, but if this CNET article is any indication, Windows 8 could be this year's biggest flop. Windows 8 sales 'well below' projections, report claims | Microsoft - CNET News
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    Regarding 11/12/09 show, additional Vonage comments

    Hi Gene, Just listen to your most recent show with David. As always, it was excellent. Regarding Vonage, here's what I considered some "gotchas" that many subscribers may not be aware of. If you cancel service, and your initial trial period has lapsed and your subscription is less than a year...
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    To-good-to-be-true for Adobe CS4?

    Here's an update on my Adobe situation. I received the package, and promptly contacted Adobe. The version sent is "educational" only (sigh!). I can upgrade to CS5 whenever it's released (either retail or academic), but I am not allowed to use CS4 for commercial purposes. Since I'm trying to...
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    To-good-to-be-true for Adobe CS4?

    :confused:Hey Gene, check out the following link: Buy Adobe CS4 Design Premium This might interest your friend David. The full version of Adobe CS4 Premium for half price? I needed to upgrade my Adobe software, and when I saw this I made a purchase. Now i'm thinking there's a catch. When I...
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    Question about iTunes preferences

    I use iTunes to subscribe to several podcasts (including the Tech Nite Owl). The other day my sister attached her ipod shuffle to sync songs. By my mistake, she deleted my podcast settings in iTunes. I do a daily clone back up of my system. Where do I find the original settings in case I want to...
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    Hi Gene, Have you seen Have you ever thought about doing a show over there with David?
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    How Much Space Does Leopard Use?

    Recently, I visited a CompUSA store before they close. They had the latest Macbook running Leopard at 10% off. They offered to install 1 GB of additional ram at a decent price. I almost bought the system, that is until I saw how much free space was left. The hard drive was 80 gb. Get Info showed...
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    CompUSA is no more!

    It's official...CompUSA is closing. Here's link for the USA Today article: Note: I shortened the link so it wouldn't be so long to copy and paste. This sucks because there are no other stores in my area that carry Mac products, at least within an hour's distance.
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    Vonage & Linksys: ERRRRR!

    I left a posting before about Vonage. After my recent headache I may take your advice and dump the company altogether! No problem with the phone service. However, during the last two weeks, I noticed the internet being much slower. I conducted tests to show my download speed was at 200-500...
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    Dell's display at Staples - not so good

    Tonight I was at my local Staples, and I checked out the Dell systems being sold. There were only two laptops, a desktop with a widescreen display, a color laser printer, and a photo inkjet printer...that's it. The two laptops had glossy displays that were too dim; reading text on them was...
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    Wireless Printing on MacPro

    I am thinking of buying a MacPro along with a HP 7130 Photosmart printer. The printer has built-in wireless capability. Can you print wirelessly to the printer using the built-in airport interface, or do you have to purchase a Airport Extreme Base station? Also how does Bonjour and...
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    What Steve's been smoking?

    After seeing all the crazy stuff happening at Apple, is there some illegal substance Steve's been sniffing. Maybe iPot?