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    About Those "We Miss You" Emails

    No problems, its nice to feel wanted ;)
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    Just listened to the 09/25th show :) specifically about the new iPods Personally, I found Apple's decision of reducing the capacity of the Classic a bit of an odd backwards move, sure the trend is pushing towards flash storage, but for bulk storage of content, HDD still wins in cost per GB...
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    About Thursday Night -- New Idea!

    Whats easier for you? Personally, I listen to your shows via podcast generally the day after its been broadcast.
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    Something in the Air?

    Looprumors have a news article up about a tease that Apple appear to be spreading around RE "Something in the air". Some believe that this could indicate an Ultra Mobile type Device will be announced at Macworld - Would make for an interesting new toy for sure..... but it could be something...
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    Browser of Choice....

    So, here I am at a little past 3am having finished a piece of work that I really wanted to get out of the way..... and as my sleep patterns are shot to hell at the moment, thought I would check up on a few blogs and forums before hitting the hay. This time, I chose to open Firefox 2 as IE was...
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    Managing shared devices over mac/xp network

    Thanks for the info Gene!
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    Managing shared devices over mac/xp network

    Ok, soooooooo how would shared devices be managed over a pc/mac network? Im talking about shared drives, printers etc. none of these devices are currently network attached and are just operating as shared devices on a single OS network, im guessing that as soon as I introduce a Mac to the mix...
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    Opinion on blog linked images etc?

    Isnt that what the 30" Apple Cinema HD Display is for? ;)
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    Opinion on blog linked images etc?

    Thanks for that Gene, its basically what i have set up at the mo. Im just concerned that when visitors to my site click on my example images, it opens in the same window with nothing but the image on the now-blank page. Linked sites open in a new window, I think thats acceptable, not so sure...
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    Opinion on blog linked images etc?

    I have my blog sitting there with a few entries now, and in many of the entries I have image thumbnails. At the moment, when the thumbnails are clicked, they open in the same window. While this is ok in principle, it forces the user to have to click the "back" button to get back to my blog...
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    TV over ADSL - 3rd Jan show - Kirk McElhern

    It really isnt that long ago when we were happy to walk around to our local blockbuster and bring home an armful of tapes or dvd's, popcorn, pepsi and possibly a tub or two of ice cream (and to be fair, my local Blockbuster is just 10 minutes walk away). Then arrived the net-flix' of this world...
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    TV over ADSL - 3rd Jan show - Kirk McElhern

    Interesting piece on the state of Apple TV and the limitations of outputs from the device. Personally, I think that the lack of support for older style TV's is limiting the market for the device. Indeed, how difficult would it have been to include at least an s-video port on it? Ok so the...
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    Happy new year!

    Happy new year and best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2008!
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    suggestions for a simple site?

    Hi, its me again ;) Well, over the holidays I (finally) managed got around to putting a simple blog together.... Ive used the hosted version of wordpress for now with the purchased "CSS" extra. If it goes ok on there, I will probably switch over to the self-host version. It appears to offer...
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    suggestions for a simple site?

    Thanks Gene, I will look into it :)