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    Newsletter Issue #1027: Two Dollars Worth of Joy — For Some

    December 8th, 2021

    It’s been real hard to escape the promos. Award-winning movie director Peter Jackson, famed for the Lord of the Rings films and other fare, got the go-ahead to edit the unused footage for that dreadful 1970 Beatles documentary film, Let It Be. Featuring the Fab Four attempting to record a new album and stage their […]

    Apple Kills Vinyl? Not Quite!

    March 7th, 2018

    For years, I thought vinyl was dead. But as a street kid in Brooklyn, New York. my tiny record collection was built on 45s and LPs. As much as people adored vinyl, I resented the imperfections, the ticks and pops and the inner groove distortion,  the need to replace them if you played them too […]

    What About the “Other” Apple Records?

    February 10th, 2015

    I won’t get into the down and dirty details of legal entanglements that lasted for years, but most of you recall that, in the 1960s, The Beatles formed their own holding company and record label known as Apple Corps. Indeed, some of the first hits from James Taylor were recorded when he was under contract […]

    Silly and Not-So-Silly Expectations About an iWatch and Apple TV

    September 3rd, 2013

    Apple doesn’t have to do a thing for the publicity engine to roll along about the possibilities of a wearable device and the Apple TV. All it takes is for the rumor mills to keep coming up with new information, regardless of whether that information has any basis or not. These days, it’s fair to […]