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    Newsletter Issue #1034: Riding in the Tesla Model 3: Are They Serious?

    May 29th, 2022

    It’s fair to say that Tesla has continued to confound expectations. Few new car makers survive, and a number of older brands have faded. Try, for example, to find a new Plymouth, Pontiac or Oldsmobile, for example. When I was young, there were also such nameplates as Rambler and Studebaker. In fact, my dream car […]

    Clues About Apple’s Self-Driving Plans?

    November 23rd, 2017

    Apple and self-driving cars have been in the news ever since the existence of Project Titan was revealed. This was a program that, at first, was believed to represent an attempt to design an autonomous vehicle of some sort, perhaps an electric car in the spirit of a Tesla. The alleged testing facility was said […]

    Newsletter Issue #900: Despite Some Hopes and Dreams, Apple Remains Successful

    February 27th, 2017

    When Apple announced the first drop in iPhone sales since the gadget first premiered in 2007, you would have thought the company was in deep trouble. Predictably, the stock price dropped, even though Apple remained highly profitable, and had total revenues to die for. It didn’t help that sales for the iPad continued to fall […]

    More Confusing Signs for the Alleged Apple Car

    September 22nd, 2016

    It started out simply enough. Apple¬†established a Project Titan with the purported intention to build an electric car with self-driving capabilities. Well, the actual goal¬†might not be at all simple to accomplish, but the facts appeared to be correct, along with hiring of up to 1,000 people, plus setting up a test facility near the […]