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    Newsletter Issue #1028: Living in a World of Non-Support

    December 13th, 2021

    So Barbara and I have iPhones (and her iPad) that are fully compatible with the latest operating systems from Apple. They may not be new enough to take advantage of all of the spiffy new features, but they run just fine. There are no issues that I can see; apps launch fast, that things that […]

    There’s Yet Another Rant About Apple and Mac Users

    June 11th, 2018

    Over the years, some tech pundits have decided that Apple really needs to drop the Mac. To them, it has outlived its usefulness and, besides, far more money is made from selling iPhones. But it’s a good source of hit bait to claim that “Mac users don’t really matter to Apple.” Indeed, Apple has, at […]

    Some Troubling Information About Consumer Reports’ Product Testing

    May 23rd, 2018

    AppleInsider got the motherlode. After several years of back and forth debates about its testing procedures, Consumer Reports magazine invited the online publication to tour their facilities in New York. On the surface, you’d think the editorial stuff would be putting on their best face to get favorable coverage. And maybe they will. AppleInsider has […]

    Random Observations About Apple and Biometrics

    February 23rd, 2018

    When the rumors first arose about alleged problems embedding Touch ID in what became the iPhone X, it was painted as a technology problem. Apple couldn’t find a workable scheme to embed a fingerprint sensor beneath an OLED display, so they rushed and scrambled for a solution. Apple, of course, ignores such claims. They have […]