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    Newsletter Issue #1026: The Cord-Cutter’s Lament

    November 28th, 2021

    So the logic seemed impeccable. Cable TV companies were grabbing more and more of your hard-earned money each year — and I’m referring mainly to U.S. services here — and you had to wonder why you wasted so much to get 300 channels and found little or nothing to watch. Surely there’d be a way […]

    Newsletter Issue #1004: Free TV is Not Dead — At Least Not Yet!

    September 6th, 2020

    It makes sense to want to save money on entertainment even in the best of times. The concept of “cutting the cord” resulted from all those regular increases in the price of cable and satellite TV. Of course, having 300 channels and nothing to watch was no incentive to continue to pay. In 2007, when […]

    Newsletter Issue #985: How a Company Kills Itself

    April 15th, 2020

    As usual, this will be a long and complicated story. So when cable TV subscriber lists soared, there were many areas in the U.S. that were all or mostly unserved. That’s because, in sparsely-populated rural locations, it didn’t make sense for a company to lay wire, or if they did, it would cost the customer […]

    Did AT&T Lose Pay TV Subscribers Due to Cord Cutting?

    October 25th, 2017

    It’s not surprising that VIZIO has opted to release what they call the “Home Theater Display” instead of a regular TV set. Since most people don’t receive stations via a TV antenna, why include a tuner? Most people rely on cable or satellite. But with pay TV prices rising every single year, more and more […]