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    Newsletter Issue #1026: The Cord-Cutter’s Lament

    November 28th, 2021

    So the logic seemed impeccable. Cable TV companies were grabbing more and more of your hard-earned money each year — and I’m referring mainly to U.S. services here — and you had to wonder why you wasted so much to get 300 channels and found little or nothing to watch. Surely there’d be a way […]

    Did Consumer Reports Finally Get the iPhone Right?

    November 9th, 2011

    The news spread like wildfire Tuesday morning. Consumer Reports, America’s largest product review publication, has granted the iPhone 4s a cherished “Recommended” status. This seems especially important, because the original iPhone 4 wasn’t recommended, due to that notorious antenna defect. As most of you recall, the iPhone 4 got a bad rap because, if you […]

    Newsletter Issue #596: Welcome to the Wild World of Non-Stories

    May 2nd, 2011

    I used to collect radios, lots of them. Maybe that’s why I got into broadcasting in the first place, since I could actually be heard on one of those contraptions. Indeed, during my long-ago teen-aged years, I built a few, ranging from simple models with a few spare parts, to full-blown multichannel receivers. Unless I’m […]

    Consumer Reports and Deceptive Reviews

    March 4th, 2011

    I have been mighty critical of Consumer Reports and the way they cover consumer electronics. For some reason, Apple gets the brunt of their bad behavior, but I’m not about to suggest that CR has it in for them. The publication claims to be fair and balanced, mostly based on the fact that it’s run by […]