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    Apple Should Give Up These? (Updated!)

    April 26th, 2018

    For a large company, Apple produces fewer products than some of you might expect. While it’s far more than in the years right after Steve Jobs returned to the company as CEO in the mid-90s, there are endless lists of what Apple ought to build next. For several years, in fact, industry analyst Gene Munster, […]

    The Mac Pro Expansion Dilemma

    June 19th, 2013

    So there’s an article in a certain tech publication that presumes to explain the possible downsides in Apple’s design decisions for the forthcoming Mac Pro refresh. Certainly the key issue, that of expandability, is front and center. There are also legitimate reasons to hold one point of view or the other, but some tech pundits […]

    About the Apple Sporting Event

    June 11th, 2013

    Ahead of the WWDC, I had the feeling some members of the media were treating it as a sporting event. Will Apple win the public mindset, lose, or, as many expected, end up in a draw? After Apple’s stock has taken a huge dive — and that happens every few years — is Apple finally […]

    The Endless Wait for the Fiberhood

    April 11th, 2013

    So Google made news this week with the announcement that they intend to bring their gigabit Google Fiber broadband and cable TV service to Austin next year. It appears AT&T is prepared to do the same with their U-Verse offering. This means that the citizens of Austin, or a hefty portion of them at any […]