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  • Newsletter Issue #1035: So How Can Apple Be Dull?

    August 23rd, 2022

    Note: It’s been a while since I’ve posted in this space. Part of this was due to my physical issues, the worst of which involved surgery for what is called a pseudo aneurism in my right leg, which occurred on August 1st. The procedure required three blood transfusions to deal with a low blood count condition. I spent three nights in the hospital, and I am currently running around with what is known as a wound vac to help the healing process along. A nurse comes three times a week to check things out. The condition has also killed my endurance, so I am easily fatigued. But getting better.

    So what about the title? Is Apple no longer an interesting company, worth following with lots of enthusiasm as before?

    One thing is clear about Apple under Tim Cook He knows how to manage the company with finesse and he made it a powerful money making machine with market caps in the stratosphere. Even at times when other companies have trouble selling product, Apple manages to push more and more iPhones into owner’s hands. It almost defies gravity.

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