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  • Newsletter Issue #1034: Riding in the Tesla Model 3: Are They Serious?

    May 29th, 2022

    It’s fair to say that Tesla has continued to confound expectations. Few new car makers survive, and a number of older brands have faded. Try, for example, to find a new Plymouth, Pontiac or Oldsmobile, for example. When I was young, there were also such nameplates as Rambler and Studebaker. In fact, my dream car as a teen was the Avanti sports sedan, which actually continued in production for a number of years after Studebaker faded.

    When Tesla introduced the Model 3 with a, then, starting price of $35,000 plus shipping, it seemed tempting. After all, charging an EV’s engine is far cheaper than a tank of gas, even when gas was reasonably affordable. Oil changes and other routine maintenance that is required for internal combustion engines were history. It was mostly about brakes and tires.

    Indeed, if you drive a lot, what you save on gas might indeed cover the added cost of an EV.

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