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  • Newsletter Issue #1009: The Big Sur Report: Better Late Than Never

    November 8th, 2020

    Before I get started, let me tell you about 2000, when I first installed a Public Beta of Mac OS X. The Aqua interface sure looked different, but as I wrote in one of my books on the new OS at the time, a Mac was still a Mac, and my normal workflow never changed, despite the huge change in the user interface. And, yes, people complained, as they will when macOS Big Sur is released (probably in the next few days).

    But my response will be the same: It may look iOS-like in many respects, but the macOS is still the macOS, and nothing in my daily workflow has changed since installing Big Sur.

    Now over the years, I’ve always been among the first to install a beta version of a new macOS or iOS. As soon as I got news that they were out, I’d install them on one of my devices. Indeed, I actually started dealing with betas when the original Mac OS 7 was being developed back in 1991. I had encountered some serious bugs, and was working with an Apple engineer to help him diagnose and resolve the problems.

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