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  • Newsletter Issue #1001: Another $500 Bargain TV From Vizio

    July 24th, 2020

    When you look at the price of mainstream TV sets nowadays, they are remarkably cheap compared to the way things used to be. You see, when I was real young, the family TV was a major purchase.

    So I’ve owned far too many TV sets over the years to remember them all. Shortly after I left home to seek my fortune at age 21, my mom bought me a Zenith 21-inch black-and-white set. Although color sets were becoming available in those days, they weren’t worth the extra price, since much TV fare hadn’t switched to color. At least not yet.

    Apropos of nothing, that famous super hero show of the 1950s, ‘The Adventures of Superman,” filmed the final group of episodes in color. Evidently someone was clever enough to realize this might mean something someday.

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