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  • Newsletter Issue #997: So Is Your Intel Mac Going to Self-Destruct?

    June 24th, 2020

    In announcing a two-year transition from Intel Inside to Apple Silicon, has Apple killed potential sales of new Macs?

    Is that even possible? Or are the tech pundits getting just a little bit beside themselves with logic and reason?

    Now the news about Apple’s third processor switch wasn’t surprising. It had been predicted for several years, and Intel’s delays in reducing die size and making CPUs faster and more power efficient haven’t helped. It meant that your spiffy new Mac wasn’t very much better than the one for the previous year, or the year before that.

    In turn, Apple boasts that A-series CPU performance has increased 100-fold in the past decade. I’m not aware that today’s MacBook Pro’s performance is 100-fold faster than the 2010 model, the one that’s still in regular use over here.

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