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  • Newsletter Issue #994: About Those Silly Comparisons with the iPhone SE

    May 26th, 2020

    Before I get to the meat of this column, my main question about the 2020 iPhone SE is why it took Apple so long to release it?

    The original came out in 2016, and was fundamentally an iPhone 5s with most of the guts of the far-faster iPhone 6s. While it mostly went under the radar at times when mostly top-of-the-line gear received the serious attention from the tech media, a lot of customers loved them. Not just because its $399 retail price was cheaper, but because its smaller form factor, with a four-inch display, made it especially attractive to people who found the mainstream models just too large.

    Indeed, Apple once touted smaller smartphone displays as an advantage, making it easier for one-handed use. But market forces aren’t always driven by logic and reason, and thus Android gear with larger displays gained sales sometimes at the expense of Apple

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