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    June 15th, 2018

    Most Android applications are downloadable from Google Play Store. Android users scrolled down to see the many application options there are in a certain category. Once they find the application that they are looking for they either get it or look for another one.

    Categories of Android Applications

    Google Play applications for Android fall under a number of categories. There are more than 30 different application categories. A few of them include parenting, food and drink, weather, music, books, travel,  sports, finance, games and a whole lot more.

    Most popular Android Applications

    According to the Statistics, for the first quarter of 2018, the most popular applications were for Education and Entertainment. The Statistics Portal reports that Education had an 8.29%of usage and Entertainment was at 7.43%.

    The Statistics Portal goes on to say, top 5 applications for 2017 included Video Players and Edit (96.7%), Travel and Local (95.8%) and Social 95.2%).

    And for the first quarter of 2018 in the top five are also Business (6.96%), Lifestyle (6.73%) and Tools 5.45%).

    This is rather odd because a quick assumption would be that most popular application would be games and social media. Social media is cool and games keep us entertained while the real money casino games will even give real money rewards. For more information about casinos, visit this reviewer casinoaus casino. Mobile online casino games are amazing fun too.

    Most Unpopular Android Applications

    Naturally,where there is a number one application just as there will always be a least popular one. In the case ofthe Android applications for the year,it was the Dating, Transport, andParenting. All were under 2%. For the first quarter of 2018, there is Music, Dating, and Parenting.

    Apparently,people are not too keen to download Apps that help them to find mates. Perhaps the reason usage of parenting Apps is low is a result of low Dating App use. The two are related in a very intimate way. As more people date, regardless of sexuality, there will be more families formed as a result. Something that could lead to increased demand for parenting Apps.

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